Introducing Axis Clusters


Cluster [kluhs-ter] noun: An informal group of people that gets together based on shared interests, hobbies or activities.


Find your people! Axis Clusters are a great way to do the things you love to do with like-minded Jewish Young Adults. Clusters are informal activity groups that help you connect. Clusters can be a one-off event or a recurring series of events. Whatever your interest, being in a Cluster is an easy way to connect with old friends and make new ones.


Be a Cluster Leader!

If you don’t see a cluster that you like, start your own!


  1. Look through existing Axis Clusters and make sure the Cluster doesn’t already exist
  2. Complete the Clusters application and send it to Romy Glaser the Cluster Chair at
  3. Once you receive approval, you can create your Cluster in the Axis Cluster group, just as you would create a Facebook event
  4. If you do not have a Facebook Account, don't fret, contact Romy Glaser at and we will create the event for you. You can still check up on event attendance through the open Axis Clusters Facebook group.


Current Clusters Include!


The Outdoor Athlete Cluster

What: Hosted by outdoor enthusiast Ari Lesniak. This Cluster is centered around Outdoor atheltic opportunities around the Greater Vancouver Area. Events may range from hiking, kayaking, biking, running, or camping.

Next Meet: TBA
When: TBA
Where: TBA
Fee: None
To join, please email Ari at


Vancouver Interactive Adventure Cluster

What: Hosted by Ben Edelstein, this cluster meets to take advantage of the wide range of adventures and as well as the events and activities that Vancouver has to offer. Activities may include hikes to local mountains, Go Karting, Car free days, Day trips to PNE, escape room, and many more. If you have any good Ideas Ben is always open to new things.

Next Meet: Commodore Bowling
When: August 29, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Commodore lanes and Billiards
Fee: Cost of activity paid on individual basis
To join, please email Ben at


Desertaholics Cluster

What:  Hosted by Romy Glaser, our clusters chair. Romy is by all accounts a self described expert on both eating and enjoying deserts. She aims to search the city of Vancouver in search of the best deserts available. Romy is always looking for suggestions so please let her know your favourite places to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Next Meet: Desertoholics go to Rain or Shine Ice Cream
When: August 6, 8:00 Pm
Where: Rain or Shine Ice Cream
Fee: Activities priced on individual basis
To join, please email Romy at


LGBT & Allies Cluster

What:  Hosted by Lia Hershkovitz, an Israeli now Living in Vancouver. Lia created this cluster In an attempt to create a safe and welcoming social place for members of the LGBT community and friends of the community. Lia hopes to offer a wide variety of activities  in and around Vancouver to bring people together as well as creating a group talk for community members. 

Next Meet: TBA
When: TBA
Where: TBA
Fee: Activities priced on individual basis
To join, please email Lia at